She is currently doing her doctorate at Dicle University, Department of Public Law, and is at the thesis stage. Thesis title: Temporary protection status in international migration law in the context of human rights. She is a freelance attorney and mediator. She speaks fluent English and beginner level Arabic. The working areas of the Turkish national agency are in the trainer pool; social cohesion, social entrepreneurship, migration, ecology. She takes part as a coordinator in various European Union Erasmus+ projects.



She is a 2019 graduate of Harran University sociology. She is doing her master’s degree with thesis at the Department of Sociology at Harran University. She works in the fields of migration, social entrepreneurship, women and youth. She actively conducts immigration readings and participates in trainings. She writes and participates in Erasmus+ projects. In 2019, she wrote the Unity is the Force, and in 2021, the Erasmus Youth exchange projects named Ecological Future. She is an intern at Harran University Migration Policies Application and Research Center. She assisted in the Erasmus project named Codes of Harmony and Solidarity through the Eyes of Youth. She received the Social Cohesion and Young Leaders training given by GIZ and carried out a project to strengthen social cohesion. She is among the founders of the Knitting for Hope social enterprise.



She graduated from the Department of Sociology at Harran University in 2021. She is doing his master’s degree in Harran University-Faculty of Arts and Sciences-Institute of Social Sciences-Department of Sociology-Thesis. She did Erasmus in Germany for a semester. She is interested in migration and entrepreneurship, he reads in this field, she follows interviews and trainings. It follows the immigration agenda. She did an internship at HÜGÖÇ for 10 months. She attended DIASPORA summer school. She received the Social Cohesion Trainer training. She assisted in the We are Together project (2020), actively participated in many Erasmus+ Projects. She is also a Knitting For Hope. She writes EU and National projects.

Mahmure BAYRAM


She graduated from Istanbul University-Cerrahpaşa Social Work Department in 2020. She is a PhD student at Istanbul University- Cerrahpaşa Social Work Department. At the same time, she takes a role as a Project Assistant at KADEM Women’s Support Center. In her thesis, she studies social entrepreneurship and social cohesion. She is also actively involved in the Knitting For Hope social entrepreneurship project. She has participated in various Erasmus+ projects and youth work. She is interested in entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship. Techxtile Start-up Challenge 2021 is the third place in the competition. She attended MUDEM, National Agency, Techxtile, entrepreneurship trainings.



She is studying civil engineering in the 4th year of the engineering faculty of Harran University. She is fluent in English, Arabic and Turkish. She is actively involved in the Knitting For Hope social entrepreneurship project. She participated in Erasmus+ projects and youth work. It has Youthpass certificate. She studied entrepreneurship.



He is a senior student at Harran University, Department of Nursing. It carries out voluntary activities in many associations (Damla Volunteering Movement Association, TEGV). He is fluent in Turkish and intermediate level English. He has participated in various European Union Erasmus+ projects.



He is a graduate of Harran University, Department of Civil Engineering.
He works as a freelancer in many engineering software. It also has an interest in languages. He speaks Arabic as his mother tongue and is fluent in Turkish and English. He is proficient in Spanish at A2 level. He has participated as a participant in various European Union Erasmus+ projects.