Our Sun in the Dark Youth group, which works to strengthen social cohesion, carried out the Erasmus+ Youth Exchange project titled “Unity is Strength” on February 21-26, 2020 in Şanlıurfa. Within the scope of the project, they carried out various activities using experiential learning methods on migration, social cohesion and culture of living together with 30 participants from Turkey, Ukraine, Moldova, India, Netherlands, Bangladesh, Japan and Pakistan. Within the scope of the project, activities such as visits to refugees with limited opportunities and local families living in Şanlıurfa, cultural trips, meeting with refugee children, activities supporting intercultural interaction and planting saplings were carried out. In this way, immigrants and local people came together and had the opportunity to get to know each other better. Participating youth, who had the opportunity to listen to the migration stories of immigrant individuals themselves, enabled them to gain more awareness about migration and immigration. New project ideas were created in line with the experiences gained during the project process. Young people actively carry out volunteer work in the field and write new projects in order to convey to wider masses that harmony and solidarity are possible. Participating young people continue their activities with the motto “Strength comes from unity”.

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