Our Group Awareness team, which tries to create the spirit and consciousness of solidarity by raising micro and macro awareness of the effects of the migration phenomenon, which has a great place in the world’s agenda, on issues such as education, politics, economy and social fields on immigrants, has implemented the Erasmus+ Youth Exchange project called We All Migrate.
The migration reading group, book and movie critics, and a year-round online event called Migration Conversations, reached large audiences. From the head of immigration administration, Dr. Gökçe OK, Director of Turkish-German University Migration Research and Application Center Prof. Dr. The Group Awareness team, which brought together many experts and doyens, especially Murat Erdoğan, Turkey National Agency President Mr. İlker Astarcı, and many of their followers, contributed to the target audience’s gaining a positive perspective on social cohesion by raising awareness on migration and social cohesion. Face-to-face part of the project
With the arrival of young participants from Jordan, Turkey, Italy, Germany and Portugal to Şanlıurfa, the center of migration, on September 1-7, 2021, trainings, activities and cultural trips were held with experiential learning methods for the migration and immigration process. Inclusion activities that increase group dynamics, a suitcase simulation game and activities in which empathy-enhancing experiential learning methods were applied helped the participants to gain awareness about migration. In addition, young people who came together with local governments within the scope of the project exchanged ideas with policy makers. They shared the presentation of how a good migration management should be obtained during the trainings and activities with the decision makers. The target audience was reached by disseminating the project through media and social media channels throughout the process.

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