With the participation of our country since 2018, in order to increase the recognition of the Erasmus+ program and the visibility of the projects for this program, and to encourage potential beneficiaries to benefit from Erasmus+; “Erasmus Days” events are organized in October, and various visibility, dissemination and information activities are carried out throughout Europe, including our country.

As the Social Cohesion and Entrepreneurship Association, we prepared for the #ErasmusDays events, which will take place on October 13-14-15 this year, with a great program! On the first day of the program, which will include beautiful events; An opening will be held where the meaning and importance of the day will be discussed. After the opening, students who benefit from Erasmus Learning Mobility and take part in Erasmus+ projects will share their experiences with the participants; They will answer the questions of the participants who want to take advantage of the opportunities offered by Erasmus+ and contribute to encouraging them on the way they want to go. On the first day of the program, folk songs and songs will take place, which is the second event and will bring all the participants together on a common ground; It will end with the ‘Play for Erasmus’ event. On the second day of the program; It will continue with a ‘Short Film Screening’ where all participants can watch together and then convey their different and original views. After the screening of the film, the ‘Culture Fair’ will take place where the subjectivity of cultural elements will be emphasized. Here, the participants will discuss the unique cultural structure of the cities they live in; they will try some traditional flavors in this direction.The program will end with a cultural fair on the second day. On the last day of the program, starting with the ‘Ecological Art Workshop’, which will gather art lovers and contribute to the ecological cycle; here, the participants will collect materials that are considered as waste and harm the environment. Art will turn the waste products they collect in the art workshop into a painting. Evaluation of the program we have prepared for #ErasmusDays and receiving feedback, then the ‘Award-winning Knowledge Contest’ will be held and our ErasmusDays program will end. The program will take place face-to-face at the Social Cohesion and Entrepreneurship Association between 17:00 and 18:30 on October 13, 14, 15. We call out to all individuals who are excited about Erasmus+ and want to spend their youth’s energy on useful works and journeys: You will learn in this program and gain experiences that will make a difference in your life, we are waiting for you all!

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