A valuable person from Washington D.C., America, was a guest to our association. Jeff Huall, who came to Şanlıurfa to visit our association, brought a very meaningful gift with him. Huall, who came with bracelets with the word “Love” in three languages, namely English, Arabic and Turkish, said that he had these bracelets made. While gifting these bracelets to our association members, he stated that the word love corresponds to the same feeling, even if it is written in different languages. Stating that the only emotion that can bind us all to each other is love, Huall said; He expressed that we should embrace this feeling with the following words:

“Because, in the existing differences, pain and common experiences, individuals can be connected to each other with a bond of love. And everything becomes more meaningful when individuals are connected to each other with a bond of love. Happiness is shared, pain is seen, and they are also shared. These bracelets will look great on the wrists of those of us who believe in love and the power of love.”

He underlined the importance of love and solidarity with his words. In the following days, Huall met with immigrant women who make amigurumi toys in our association. Huall, who listened firsthand to the amigurumi toy, that is, entrepreneurship story of immigrant women, their migration journeys and the losses they experienced along the way, although he was happy in places, he was saddened after hearing their migration journeys. Huall also made family visits with the members of our association. Huall and our association members visiting the homes of Syrian families; He happily stated that they had good times during these visits and tasted drinks specific to Syrian culture. Huall also gave important advice to the young members of our association, and expressed his sadness at the point of saying goodbye to them with the following words:

“For now, I say goodbye to you amazing young people. You are one of the people who make this job so special. Keep up the good work. I trust you will.”

He expressed his confidence in young people with his words. Huall stated that at the end of a week, he had a family in Şanlıurfa and he felt very happy for this; Underlining that they would meet again as soon as possible, he returned to America.

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