Within the scope of the founding goals of our association and the studies it is carrying out, we held the first of the three-day project writing camp at Harran University Osmanbey Campus. In our Project Writing Camp, which we carry out together with Harran University Migration Policies Application and Research Center; young people’s creative ideas, their sensitivity to social problems and their willingness to find solutions to these problems have been of key importance in producing new projects. In this sense, the idea that the energy and bright ideas of young people can be solutions to social problems motivated young people to write new projects. A participant expressed the following about the advantage of the project writing camp, both as an idea and in providing an environment for young people to write projects:

“I feel very lucky to be here today. Because I was faced with many social problems in daily life. And what can I do for these problems? I was thinking a lot. I was just watching because what to do? What not to do? I was not knowledgeable. But now I’m at this project writing camp with you and now I know that I can write solutions that are about these areas that I see as a problem and even that pose problems, and I can contribute to the point of minimizing the effects of these problems. This is very nice for me. In addition, it is really valuable to provide us young people with such an environment and to support them in the areas where we are lacking in this environment. Thank you very much to you, SUGDER and HÜGÖÇ.”

With his words, he emphasized the importance of such environments for young people. Both immigrant and local youth took part in our project camp by working together. He discussed the areas they saw as problems and wrote new projects that could be a solution to these areas. While writing the project, they divided the work and helped each other in the area where they were lacking. Our project writing camp, which motivates young people to produce new projects; It ended with young people working in harmony and acting with a solidarity network. This situation was summarized by one of our participants in the last hours of the project writing camp.

“For three days great ideas were generated and important social issues were discussed. These are of course very important, but what really makes me happy here is; It was to see that we live under the same roof, regardless of nationality, country or nationality, that the problems are common problems that concern us all, and that we can only find solutions to these problems by working hand in hand. It was very special for me to see this and feel these invisible networks of solidarity. Thank you so much.”

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