In the second series of the series of seminars we started as the Social Cohesion and Entrepreneurship Association, trainer M. Furkan Çimen was the guest with his presentation titled “We Are Also In Social Media”. In the seminar that proceeded under the moderation of Berrin Çoban, a member of our association; Topics such as ‘the correct use of social media, how to create a cyber safety net against harmful content in social media accounts, the importance of protecting social media accounts against existing harmful content’ were discussed. Emphasizing the importance of today’s technology world, Çimen expressed the importance of being conscious towards the technology world with the following words:

“We all now live in a world covered in technology networks. This technology is in our daily life practices; most of them offer us a great service at the point of facilitating our work. In this respect, its importance for our lives is undeniable. But unfortunately, in these technology networks that make our lives easier, there is also content that can harm us. One of them is cyber theft. We have social media accounts that most of us use, where we save our personal information and share our private areas. It is very possible that these accounts are stolen by malicious people. For this reason, we should make some practices and be as conscious as possible in order not to allow these accounts to be hijacked by malicious users.”

In his words, he underlined that we should be conscious about the protection of social media accounts and the technological networks we generally use. Answering the questions of the participants about cyber security after his presentation, Çimen showed practically how an account can be protected from malicious users. It was a good outcome of the seminar that our participants questioned how secure their social media accounts were after the presentation. The seminar flow ended in this way. We would like to thank the trainer M. Furkan Çimen for his useful presentation at the beginning, Berrin Çoban for his moderation and all our participants.

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