The initiative project of our association; The ‘Knitting For Hope’ project held its fourth knitting training in our association. In addition to the existing team, the training process lasted three days; new women joined. In the exciting environment with the participation of new women; Along with learning to knit, an atmosphere of friendship was built between meals and tea. Women who know each other and listen to their life stories firsthand; He stated that the spiritual feeling they felt was very intense and that they considered making new friends as a great source of wealth. There were also some developments in the three days that were full of learning and meeting for women.

The first day of the training started with an introductory chapter. In general, this meeting took place between women who have just joined the team, women who are former members of the team, and SUGDER members. Then “How to start work? How should the crochet be held? And how to proceed?” Information training was given on the subject. After the statement made by SUGDER Members, women started to work to produce ecological name badges. The first day of intense learning ended with the production of badges. On the second day of training; women who arrive early and are in great excitement; he said hello to the day by continuing his work on the first day. There was a surprising development in the ongoing training, as the women in charge frequently checked on the women who knit the badges! It has been learned that an ecological badge order has been received for a conference to be held in Italy. This sudden surprise development made SUGDER members very happy. This is how the second day ended. On the last day of the training, there was good news waiting for the women. SUGDER members shared their badge orders from Italy with women. Motivated by this news, the women set to work to make their final products. At the end of three days, many wonderful badges were produced.

In addition to knitting education, the women expressed happiness that their children also gained a different environment and different friends. In addition, women who have just joined the training stated that they learned knitting in a more professional way and that this was a great achievement. The words of a woman who had just joined the training, in this sense, summarized this situation:

“I just joined this training. Frankly, it was very useful for me because I knew I was knitting something, but how can I knit it more perfectly? I can say that I learned this during this training process. There was a big difference between the product I knitted on the first day and the product I knitted on the last day. This showed my progress. And also; I can say that it was much better to make new friends and have the chance to work in a different environment. A big thank you to everyone who organized this training.”

He expressed his thoughts with his words. The training ended after three days. Beautiful products and a friendly atmosphere remained.

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